Top Five Things To Look For In A Criminal Investigator

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Regarding the serious investigation, sharing someone with the best resources in the industry is the ideal choice. They provide the workforce for security, criminal investigations and even civil investigations.

They generally have armed security officers, door greeters and check-in, gate security and package handling, loss prevention, undercover and covert ops, and parking lot and exterior checks scheduled to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for special or corporate crimes, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in a criminal investigator.

1. Policy
Security and investigation firms should have a $5MM liability policy obtained through excess coverage, and they should name you on the policy after being hired by you. 

2. Professional licenses
It is mandatory to have a professional license in Illinois. Using an unlicensed person or agency is a massive legal risk, not to mention making you personally and fully responsible for civil suits and liabilities. Insurance is not required to honor claims when laws are broken.

3. Quality certifications
Reviews do not hold a candle to the quality certifications, as these can be easily faked. Any friend can write a review, but to be certified to the rigorous standards of aerospace and defense is an entirely different level of credibility.

4. Copy of the contract
Ask for a contract copy if a private investigator or security contractor claims to work for the FBI, CIA, government, etc. They should not be hesitant in sharing these contracts with you because they are public information. If they claim that information is “confidential,” think about why they even tell you about it? 

5. Quality over the pricing
You don’t need an investigator or security contractor if your first instinct is to choose the one that offers the lowest price. Think about it, you are preserving people’s lives with the cheapest option. That’s like your kid is drowning, and instead of throwing the child a life vest, you throw them a balloon and hope for the best. 

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