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I’m Marco Confuorto, the proud co-owner of Aeroshield.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

I’ve officially been in the investigator field since 1998 and have a concentration in corporate crime and special crimes. I’m in partnership with a group of corporate leaders, and together we have over a hundred years of combined experience in the business. 

We started Aeroshield as a division of a larger multi-national investigation and security company in 2018. We later branched off to develop a higher-quality program to serve the rigorous standards of Aerospace and Defense. Our first contract was with a local Aerospace manufacturer, which was a grand success, and it all seemed to snowball from there.

Follow Industry Benchmarks

We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified. These quality management systems are widely adopted standards for the aerospace industry. They have enhanced our reputation and enabled us to work with high-end clients that value intelligent processes.

Maintain Attorney-Client Privilege 

As a security and investigation firm, we work round the clock, and I believe what sets us apart is that we keep files confidential. Not sharing sensitive information and running conflict checks builds trust with stakeholders. In addition, we strive to maintain high levels of customer service, which has made us successful.

The most rewarding part of being business owners is that we don’t have any barriers to stop us from doing the right thing. As a result, we’re committed to doing quality work that yields client retention. 

I have enjoyed sharing our journey and the things which matter to us and how they influence the way we do business.

Suppose you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise as co-owners of a Boutique Intelligence Agency tailored to Legal Professionals in South Barrington, Illinois. In that case, I invite you to get in touch. Please call (877) 237-6411 or email





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