Illinois Security Representative

Illinois Security Representative

  • Provide your client with software support
  • Provide your client with product support
  • Provide your client with service support
  • Distribute & Install your software solutions
  • Distribute & Install your security products
  • Manage your client services

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    Illinois Security Officers

    Aeroshield recruits, trains, and deploys security officers tailored to the customer's circumstances.

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    Illinois Representative

    Aeroshield is the # 1 Illinois Authorized Rep to provide your clients with Security Services, Product, and Software Support.


  • Subcontracting Security Services South Barrington

    Community Security

    • Private Schools
    • Residential Properties
    • Residential Communities
    • Places of Worship
    • Private Event Security
    • Parks & Recreation
  • Security Services Illinois

    Business Security

    Community Security South Barrington
    • Manufacturers
    • Warehouses
    • Commercial Properties
    • Distribution Centers
    • Retail Loss Prevention
    • Corporate Events
    • Sports & Entertainment
  • Security Guards Illinois

    Illinois Subcontract Security

    Community Security South Barrington
    • Security Contractors
    • Investigation Firms
    • Defense Contractors
    • Aerospace Contractors
    • Law Enforcement
    • Government Agencies
    • Loss Prevention

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