Public Records Research

Aeroshield's global network of expert researchers can quickly and accurately obtain the public records you need to make effective business decisions. That's why law firms, title companies, insurance companies and investigative agencies across the U.S. depend on Aeroshield for their public records research needs.

Aeroshield can provide a plethora of research services in all U.S. counties and territories, as well as over 100 countries around the globe.

Whatever your industry, if your business has a need for public records research, Aeroshield can provide you with comprehensive solutions. The efficiency and integrity of our global research network allows us to provide you with the documents or information you need generally within 48-72 hours.

Services Include

  • Federal, State, County and Municipal records
  • Flat-rate document retrieval in all U.S. counties
  • Criminal, Civil, Property Ownership, Deed, Mortgage, Tax Lien, UCC, and Judgment records nationwide
  • Public records case monitoring
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Brand Protection monitoring